So you want to compete in a Bikini Competition? Great! You’ve done your research, picked an organization, given yourself plenty of time to prepare your body, maybe you have even hired a personal trainer. BUT, are you forgetting the most important part? The part of competing that could make or break you? Bikini Posing... Well, that's why I wrote this Bikini Competition Posing Guide.

"But I look fantastic", you say… of course you do, so does every other competitor that steps on that stage! You have got to set yourself apart from every other amazing physique. Not only by having better glutes (though it can’t hurt you) but through your stage presence. Posing is THE most important part of that day. It will put you at the top or at the very bottom.

Bikini Competition Posing Guide

Check out a video of my Bikini Posing Video from one of my recent IFBB Bikini Competitions. We might refer back to the video in my post.

Bikini Competition Judging Criteria

Let’s be real here, EVERYTHING matters when you are stepping on that stage. Yes your physique is important, but it's more about the entire package. And you need to know how to showcase all of your hard work. Every little detail matters! In my 8 years of competing in bikini competions, I’ve learned a lot about how to bring my best package to the stage. That doesn’t always mean I have the best physique, but knowing how to present what you’re bringing is a game changer!

What are bikini judges going to look for?

Facing the Judges in Bikini Competitions

When you are on stage you always want to show the judges the smallest part of your waist. Your front poses should never be facing them directly. As I stated before you are trying to look as curvy as possible. The best way to do this is by making your waist look as small as possible, while keeping your shoulders facing the judges so that you can create that curvy illusion. This takes flexibility in the lower back. That is why practicing is so important.

Bikini Competition Suits

Your bikini is your uniform. This is just as important as everything else. Choosing the right color and the right FIT are crucial. Mine are always custom made so that they fit me perfectly. This way, when I need them altered, I can go to my suit maker and have them adjusted. You have to remember that this suit can be used over and over again and it is well worth every penny that is spent. My recommendation is to have one that is custom made. I personally recommend Platinum Design Suits. I was wearing one of Bonnie’s suits when I was awarded my IFBB Pro Card, and when I won an IFBB Pro competition. She will guide you to finding that winning color, and perfect cut for YOU. You can also find her on Instagram: @platinumbonnie

Bikini Posing

Check out my bikini posing tips below

Bikini Posing - Front Pose

How NOT to do the Bikini Front Pose

Most of us do not have exceptionally teeny waistlines, and do not look our best facing head on. I have some perfect examples. When Bikini first came out I was a Figure competitor and in between competitions decided to give Bikini a shot. This was when we were wearing off the rack suits, and it was still so new that posing was not really where it is at now. I’m a little embarrassed of this picture. Do not do this pose, ha! Everything about it is awful.

How to do the Bikini Front Pose

What you DO want to do is have the flexibility to twist your waist to the side but be able to keep your shoulders facing forward. This way you are showing the smallest part of your waist to the judges, but keeping the widest part (shoulders and glutes) facing the judges. This is the curvy look that the judges want to see. Having the flexibility in your lower back is crucial for your posing.

How NOT to do the Bikini Front Pose
Don't Do This
How To Do The Bikini Front Pose
Do This Instead

Bikini Posing - Back Pose

Back Pose Variations

You need to maintain that arch in your back the ENTIRE time you are on the stage. Do not bend over when facing the rear. Your glutes will look full just by having that arch in your back. If you bend forward you will not be considered for a top 5 placing. There are a few different ways to do your back poses. There are the open stance (most popular and looks the best on almost everyone). Close stance, with legs together but not crossed (ideal and in my opinion looks the best). You can also do the closed stance with feet crossed; this is not the best look for everyone. The crossed leg looks best on girls who have very lean legs and a large gap that need to close it up so that their legs look fuller.

Open Stance Bikini Pose
Open Stance Pose
Close Stance Bikini Pose
Close Stance Pose
Legs Crossed Close Stance Bikini Pose
Legs Crossed Pose

Bikini Posing Transitions

Your transitions can go either direction (turn to the side that is most comfortable to you), you want to make sure that you pop the glute out as you turn to the back and show about 1 and a half cheek. Never turn showing your entire backside. Keep your back arched throughout your transition and maintain that arch as you move to the rear facing pose.

Glute Pop Bikini Transition
Glute Pop!
Glute Pop Bikini Transition
Pop the Glute