A Mormon IFBB Bikini Competitor? #Judgements

A Mormon IFBB Bikini Competitor? #Judgements

A Mormon Bikini Competitor

If you are a mormon, you will know what a Ward is. The LDS Church has quite a few active members, and in each geographic location, the church is divided into areas called "Stakes". In each Stake, you will usually find 3-5 "Wards", which you might call a congregation. Each Ward meets together each sunday at a given time, and shares the church building with 2-3 other wards. One ward we were in was super supportive, and my Bishop was very encouraging and even excited about my shows and how I did. I never felt judged.

Let me rephrase... I didn't feel judged by many. There will always be a few, but when we moved into a new ward, I was adamant on keeping my competing to ourselves. I wanted that fresh "non-judgemental" start. However my sweet daughter is VERY proud of her mama. The first thing she tells people is "My mom is a Professional Bodybuilder" and I quickly became referred to as "The one with the Bod" in the neighborhood. Not even a name, just the bod; I didn't have many friends, or any. As if being a Mormon Bikini Competitor wasn't hard enough, try being a Mormon IFBB Bikini Pro going through a divorce after recently being sealed in the Temple and having been married for nearly 16 years, with 2 teenagers. Ohhh let the Judgements begin!

A couple photos from my LDS Temple Marriage

If I told you all the reasons why my marriage failed you probably wouldn't believe me. I'm sure most people have their assumptions. I mean look at what I do. I spend a lot of time in nearly nothing as a bikini competitor on a stage surrounded by temptation. GIVE ME A BREAK; I've heard IT ALL. It's been said by people who actually KNOW better. It been said by People who know the truth. But that is not the point. The point is this: It doesn't matter WHY it didn't work, it just didn't. In fact it never was working, BUT... I gained something from all of this:

Two Amazing, Beautiful Children

An Eating Disorder

Yes, you read that right, and hear me out on this one.... that dark time turned into such a powerful strength for me. I overcame it, Alone. I conquered it, Alone. No one helped me, no one saved me. Not even the hand that led me there. It brought me to the stage (Bikini Competitions) where I found this passion and gained so much love for myself and my body.

A Love for Therapy

Because I spent 4 years going and talking to a therapist. Being very vulnerable. Very exposed. And I grew to love and enjoy it.

A true and Genuine Love for Myself

To say that I am proud of the woman I've become is an understatement. To go through what I've been through and still be able to hold my head up high I feel is pretty impressive. I was faithful. I was loyal. I was as good as a wife as I could be under the circumstances I was handed. So many may not have been in my situation. I gave it everything I had, until I literally had nothing more to give. But I am very happy to be free. From the pain. From the disrespect. From the lies and the life I was trapped in.

As I began to love myself, my relationship with everyone changed.

I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my life as I am right now at this moment. For my kids to see that means more to me than anything!

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Here I sit at just shy of two weeks out for my next show, the IFBB Arkansas Pro. I wanted to see how I looked at two weeks out from my last show (July 1st) the IFBB Patriots Pro vs. now. Feedback was to, of course... tone down my obliques πŸ˜” and to continue building my upper glutes, but that the roundness was coming along and that my glutes were pretty on point for Vegas πŸ™ŒπŸ» I have worked very hard trying to balance out where I can and stay mentally strong. I'm striving for a balanced physique, not perfection. The fact that I truly love the sport and I've maintained consistency with my training and my diet for several years without a lot of fluctuation has helped me to continually progress. I'm not perfect, far from it. But I am happy, I don't feel deprived, or like I am doing something that is unnatural FOR ME. Thanks to my coach @shaneheugly I have been able to make this fit into my life not made my life fit into THIS. #balance I'm blessed with an amazing man @tohenich . ❀️ I can't say that enough. He is someone that comes around once in a lifetime! Is it hard? 😩 Yes of course it is. So are a lot of things. But anything worth it does not come easy does it? #idoitforme
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#FlashBackFriday to the 2014 & 2015 IFBB North American Championships in conjunction with the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters Championship πŸ‘πŸ» In 2014 I competed as an amateur trying to earn my Pro status. I had just turned 35 the weekend before and my number just happened to be 826 πŸ™ŒπŸ» (my birthdate 😊) I was PUMPED!! #signs AND... I received first callouts in both the open class D and my masters class! πŸ˜ƒ This was following 2 National shows of 16th placings 😬 🀞Well, I ended up taking 2nd place in BOTH classes that night. No Pro card but I felt amazing and so proud for how far I had come! 2015, I finally got to step on that same stage as an IFBB Pro, where I placed 3rd! 🎊 #dreamscometrue earning my Pro status at Junior Nationals in Chicago in 2015 was a great accomplishment but it did not come easy for me! Good luck competitors, friends, and teammates next week! ⭐️ Enjoy the process, enjoy the experience. πŸ’• Make memories! ❀️ No matter what you have already won!
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