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What is your diet?

  What is your diet?
While I will not give out my exact meal plan because it is specific to my needs I will address something that I have found works best for me over the years. I am a low carb-er. After trying many different meal plans I found that carbs made me feel lethargic and when peak week came and I was depleting I had high energy and felt amazing without carbs. So, eventually I switched myself to lower carbs and my body just functioned better that way.

How often do you lift, and do you lift heavy?

 How often do you lift, and do you lift heavy?
I lift 6 days a week, and yes I lift heavy. I get asked almost daily by women how they can look “toned”. You have to build muscle in order to have a lean body. Lifting heavy is the only way. You can’t tone fat. You have to create shape by building that muscle.

How much cardio are you doing?

That varies. If I am preparing for a show I will do steady state cardio for around 1 hour. Light walking, and never anything more intense than that. If I am not prepping for the stage I will do other things. Go for hikes, a light jog, a class at the gym, anything to get moving. I enjoy being active, I don’t sit much.

How do you stay focused show after show and not rebound?

Honestly, I have learned through experience. In 8 years of competing I have been through it all. I’ve done probably every kind of prep you can do. I’ve had issues with binging post show before. I’ve had the post show blues. I’ve dealt with it all. What I have learned is what works best for me. What my body can and cannot handle. I follow a very strict meal plan all the time. Not just during prep. Why? Because that is what works best FOR ME. I would rather feel good, and have a treat here and there, than feel like crap and be depressed.

Do you ever feel like you need a break?

I know people think I am nuts. I compete a lot. Once I do that first show of the year it is hard for me to stop. I try to plan it out with minimal “breaks” and that is probably because I don’t really take a break from the way I train or eat. I enjoy this lifestyle. I LOVE the stage. It has become my therapy. It has literally gotten me through some of the hardest days of my life.

How long will you compete?

Until I am done. I feel like I will know when I am finished. When it stops being fun. When I no longer enjoy it. When it becomes a chore. That is when I will stop.

Do you still get nervous on stage?

Nervous, no! Adrenaline, yes! I absolutely LOVE being on stage, and even typing that seems crazy to me. I have always been super shy. This sport has changed me so much. My first few years competing I got nervous EVERY single show. I would shake terribly and have that gut wrenching fear just before walking out on stage. After time, something in me changed. I became more comfortable in my own skin and I no longer cared about my “competition” I just wanted to make sure that whatever I did leading up to my show, and however I came in was better than the last. I adapted the “me vs. me” attitude and since then I really grew to love myself, and to accept myself. The confidence I needed grew and I feel like it started to show up on stage.

Are you on a Team?

You all know if you compete you get asked this EVERY show. I remember before I joined a Team, when I was asked this question it would drive me insane! I AM! I absolutely LOVE my Team. Early 2015 I hired Shane Heugly “Team Heugly” (pronounced HUGE-LY, not He ugly) ha ha! Hands down the BEST decision I have ever made. Not only am I constantly being guided by Shane and Tiffany to be the best me possible but I am surrounded by some of the most incredible Athletes you’ll ever know! Check them out here:
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